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Training. Sports. Service.

Megan Bailey


Described as “incredibly patient” and “thorough” by her peers, Meg made her way into the world of behavior modification by training and caring for nationally ranked sport horses.  After her time in the professional equine industry, she started her own canine training company, K9 Connect, where she uses her talent for non-verbal communication to help owners connect with their pets. Megan has always enjoyed the bonds formed between animals and people, despite the language barrier.  


An AKC certified evaluator and professional member of the APDT, Megan also specializes in solving canine social disorders such as fear and aggression. She is also an advocate for dryland mushing and continues to encourage the sport in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Meg believes that progress begins with a kind heart, patient spirit, and determination.

  • 7+ Years Training Experience

  • Certified AKC Evaluator

  • Professional Member of the APDT

  • Member of Pennsylvania Sled Dog Club

  • Specializes in working dogs

  • Fully Insured

  • Grooming certificate

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

Quality Affordable Training

We can help with

  • Basic

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced

  • AKC CGC Testing

Heel Work

Learn to walk like a PRO both on and off leash!

Behavioral Issues

Troubleshoot anxiety and gain your dogs trust and respect.  

Trick Work

Tricks are a great way to stimulate your dog and impress your friends!

Canine Aggression

Understand the source of your dogs aggression, correct your conversation and teach new habits.


Ensure a solid social foundation and learn to read canine body language

Service & Therapy
  • Ready your dog for K-Pets 

  • Train your dog for service work

  • Working dog ID & online profile and trainer support make public access stress free.



"I have worked with Megan on multiple occasions with both horses and dogs. She is an incredibly patient and thorough trainer who is able to take on any problem! Set her up with your pup and you won't be disappointed."

— Cait Haldeman

  1. We love dogs and are committed to providing humane and professional balanced training method's, while maximizing R+ techniques in our program. We emphasize fun and joy in our training and work to minimize stress as much as possible.

  2. We educate owners on how to properly use engagement to keep their dogs focus and develop consistent manners both in and out of the home. 

  3. We are committed to using professional, proven and humane training methods including: reward based learning and pressure and release, with the addition of appropriate consequences, when necessary. We do advocate for use of tools as a means to further communication between dog and handler. Tools including professional quality Ecollars, prong collars, gentle leaders, flat leashes, GPS trackers, wire basket muzzles, crates, clickers, doorbells, heel boxes, lures, elevated platforms and agility equipment are welcome additions to our training program. We do not ever condone or use abusive corrections, throwing things at or near the animal or spraying liquid in an animal’s face.

  4. We show owners how to cultivate patience when entering into a conversation with their dog. 

  5. We coach people on how to communicate consistently and clearly with their animals, and to read canine body language.

  6. We love working dogs and advocate for dogs with jobs. We also encourage pet dogs to learn jobs around the home. 

  7. Personal client information is confidential. (Though, we will post training pictures and videos on our social media platforms: show off your success!)

  8. We routinely work with service dogs to help develop the skills they need to transform their handlers lives. 

  9. Training happens in real life. Established clients have 24/7 access to the trainer and are encouraged to contact us anytime if they need immediate help or training advice.


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