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Our Pet Services




 Have the trainer out to your home to evaluate your dogs behaviors and discuss training options. 


Private Individual


Includes 1-Hour Private Training. Usually Meeting Once Per Week.

Private Board & Train

+ $500 Suite Reservation

60 Private 1-hour Training Sessions/Month, Daily Playtime, and In-Home Shaping. Private Boarding Suite Included.

4 post training follow-up lessons included. 

Clients Can Add Nail Trims, & Grooming 


Private Boarding


Private Boarding in our Home Suite. Includes Playtime, Free Roam and Complimentary Treats & Chews. 

Clients Can Add Training, Nail Trims and Grooming 


Service Dog Board & Train

+ $500 Suite Reservation


Board Your Dog For Service Work In Our Home Suite. Includes 60 Private Sessions and Onsite 4 lessons with the Owner. 


Rescue & Retrain Program

Call for available dogs

Our Rescue & Retrain Program Adopts Shelter Dogs and Re-trains Them For Service Work. Available Dogs Are Posted On Our Facebook Page.  Purchase of a R&R Dog Includes Lifetime Training Consults For The Dog And Discounted Boarding.

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Fire Rescue Program

Our Fire Rescue Pilot Program is designed to train dogs to assist fireman in early detection of individuals inside buildings. K9s are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and kevlar protective suits. Please contact us If your Company may be interested in our Fire Rescue Pilot Program.

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